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Purpose of FBC Youth
We strive to love, train and serve our youth in hopes that they will develop a lifelong walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. We have activities and studies that both challenge and educate in accordance to God's word to build a solid foundation as well as cultivate Christian brotherhood and sisterhood.
Our Leaders of Today are involved in different ministries of the Church.
Many say "teens are the leaders of tomorrow", but at FBC we believe that teens are the Leaders of Today.

- Singing Solos in Choir
- Puppet Shows
- Art
- Preaching
- Teen Take Over Services
- Jr. Church-teacher's aid
- Drama
- Missions Projects
- Song Leading
- Nursing Home Ministry

Bible Study & Worship

As a teen grows they are faced with many temptations and decisions that will effect the rest of their lives. It is our duty and privilege to teach them how to use God's word as a road map that will direct them through daily life.

Sunday Morning: Bible Study

- 9:30 am: Study of the word of God including life skills to apply biblical teaching to everyday life. Current series: BIBLICAL MASCULINITY AND FEMININITY (how to be a young man or woman for Christ)

Wednesday Night:

- 7:00 pm: Weekly update! Discuss how the lesson from Sunday's study has been applied to the everyday demands.


We at the First Baptist Church feel that it is important to enjoy life as a Christian.

Our activities vary month by month. The activities consist of a bible study hosted by a church family, fellowships, scavenger hunts, etc. There are times we can attend a youth rally in our area.

There is not a scripture in the entire Bible that says having fun is a sin.


One of our favorite times of the year is camp. Every summer we take a few days and go to camp. This is so teens can get away from the world and spend time with God and friends.

At our camps there are singing, preaching, and sporting competitions. There are times to go swimming or just hang out with your friends.

It is a place that we enjoy and know that you will want to go back to for the rest of your life.

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